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MediaRich Marketing specialized in generating revenue for sponsors, brands, events and individual experts. MediaRich strategically markets by utilizing a solid list of seasoned professionals to help design elements of a revenue-based strategy that integrates a blend of radio, television and mobile applications. Our specialists review all elements of your brand and develop ways to enhance or re-design those elements to meet the perfect marketing strategy, which ultimately leads to a solid revenue base. 
Companies that have successfully worked with MediaRich include major brands such as: 
•    Sony Corporation
•    USAA
•    Midas Repair Shops 
•    Walt Disney Television
•    Master Lock
•    Sears Auto Center
•    Live Play Mobile
These are just a few of our clients but there are many more top names we’ve helped maximize revenue. No matter the size of your organization, we bring Fortune 500 strategies to companies and brands of all sizes who are seeking to enhance their revenue strategies. 

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